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Solutions for 

profitable, sustainable

Egg farming.

Quality. Made in Germany.

Hellmann customers appreciate the high quality of Hellmann Poultry Equipment.

Regardless of whether it is Canada, South Korea or Uganda, you can find  projects that are developed and/or equiped by Helmann Poultry Equipment in over 30 countries, all over the world. 

People all over the world rely on the solid technology we are renowned for due to the fact that we offer a service that is acknowledged througout the sector and which continually supports you with advice and actions, based on our extensive network of dealers and the Hellmann service and support system.

We are capable to implement our world wide experience into successful strategies: in this way, our team works on creative solutions together with Hellmann Poultry customers from all over the world in order to master even the most difficult of situations.


Hellmann is international – to your advantage!


Now we've made South(ern) Africa our new home.

Hellmann Poultry Equipment GmbH Kg & Co , Eggzperts (Pty) Ltd and VeggFarming NPC are determined to develop rural Africa in a positive, sustainable manner.

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Latest News 

The E-Cage by Hellmann Poultry

Designed for relatively small-scale egg production in developing countries, the E-cage combines affordability with durability and the opportunity to work professionally with as few as 2000 laying hens, up to around 10000 laying hens.  Designed for growth, these cages have mechanical manure removal belts - securing optimal hygiene, bolstering bio security in the chicken house. 


Feeding and egg collection is still done by hand; with a drive. 

At any time the E-cages can be optimized to fully automated layer hen housing units.

About us

(Southern African) Eggzperts (Pty) Ltd  was created out of the need for a local distribution network for Hellmann Poultry equipment. Through the efforts of Sarah van Schalkwyk of travel advisors 4ExecutivesOnly (Pty) Ltd and Nico Moerane from Moerane Event Management, this has now been realized.

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