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Hellmann Poultry Equipment

Sarah van Schalkwyk met Volker Heidtmann of Hellmann Poultry GmbH & Co KG in 2017 by making reservations for Volker.


Sarah's 4ExecutivesOnly (Pty) LTD arranged crucial parts of Volker's business trips to SA that were meant to investigate prospects for a market for their equipment.


Sarah grew up in a community of small entrepreneurs and small-scale farmers in a disadvantaged community. She was intrigued by Hellmann Poultry Equipment's products - especially those that were designed for exactly these communities.

She thus suggested to Hellmann management that she would be able and willing to market Hellmann Equipment- as these products offered clear opportunities to the communities she grew up in: 

"I see Hellmann Poultry Equipment as the perfect solution for our egg-production farms.  The current subsistence farmers who struggle with inferior equipment and want to improve their production standards with equipment from Hellmann; For those farmers that are already producing on a high standard but want to work with the best, and for the new, emerging farmers as well.


Hellmann's  E-cage design, for example, enables small-scale egg farmers to run their operations professionally while preparing to go bigger when the financial means are there to do so.  We need our egg production industry to grow in a sustainable, bio-secure, hygienic, and profitable way - as our growing population needs more healthy food,  all the time.   

Hellmann's advanced technologies enable us Africans to compete with Egg producers worldwide, having the advantage in technology and at the same time feeding our nation's children with an egg a day since it's becoming more affordable and obtainable to the poor."


- Sarah van Schalkwyk

Hellmann Poultry was founded in 1968 by Dipl.-Ing.  Willi Hellmann.

In those days, the focus was on the German market. Regional success lead to increasing demand from outside the region and from 1972 onward a European sales network started to develop itself.


Since 2001 Mr. Marzellus Hellmann has held the position of the General Manager of Hellmann Poultry who today sells across the globe through a worldwide dealer network, with SA-Eggsperts Inc. being the one for the greater Southern African sub-continent.


The ongoing development of our products, communication between customers, dealers and a committed young team, results in our successful market position.


All of the Hellmann products carry the stamp manufactured in Germany - and we are proud of it!


Hellman poultry equipment is and remains quality from master hand.


 Solidly. Efficient. And above all: economically.

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