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Poultry Equipment by Hellmann and complementary products

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Product portfolio overview

The Hellmann cage systems for layers are designed for the well-being of both the hen and the egg, and they are made of durable material, almost exclusively made in Germany.

The well-being of the hens is obtained by designing the cages in such a way that the hens can live in clean and spacious surroundings, with unlimited access to feed and water. The egg is being treated gently by the flexible suspension of the cage floor that allows the egg to slide out to the egg tray in as short as possible time. Large breastplates and other accessories help to optimize the egg quality.

Options like extra cage height and cage depth, screening off of the manure belts, extra scrapers, and many more can increase the technical performance yet again.

The cages are available in depths of 50-69 cm (19.7 – 27.1”) and in widths of 50.25 or 60.25 (19.8 or 23.7”) and in different heights, ranging from 40 cm (15.75”) to 52 cm (20.47) at the front.

 Tropical battery systems - aviaries - enriched systems - brooder and rearing systems - egg collectors and graders - silos - chain feeding systems - manure (cross) conveyors - specialized software - control panels - nipple drinkers - egg savers - LED lighting systems - solar power systems - manure to fertilizer technologies - nanobubble generators - turn key projects



German technical supervision for up to 4 weeks is provided to ensure the proper installation of the purchased equipment.


Eggzperts (Pty) LTD &  Hellman Poultry guarantee that any serious issue with equipment will be restored within 24 hours of notification of such an issue. Anywhere in the world.

All equipment supplied has a 12 months from day-of-bird-housing guarantee against factory faults.

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Click on logo to get to the spec-sheets of the semi automatic tropical E-cage system.

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