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We deliver CIF to every seaport in the world.

Please fill in the form below > Give us as much extra information as possible in the bottom field that is specified for this:


- Size required: The number of birds that you require a new system for (for instance 5000 birds, 50000 birds)  

-  Is the size for this quote request the projected number of total birds in the future? If not, how many birds would there be eventually? 


- The size of your chicken house,(L x W x H) if there is one already

- If you would want to do only rearing of chicks to Point of Lay, or if you only want to do egg production, or if you want to do both?

- Location of the farm

- Anything else that we could use to help you with or what you would like to know  

- Please indicate the level of automation required too: Fully automated productions are advised for 10000 birds and more. For smaller productions, it is recommended to do semi-automated: Tropical E-cage systems. This equipment can be upgraded to automated lines at any point in the future.

Please  check /uncheck the relevant boxes 

Your primary business interests:
Is housing provided for the birds:
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Operational requirements:
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